More New Ideas for Safety Committee Meetings

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More New Ideas for Safety Committee Meetings

Our articles about how to inject new life into your safety committee meetings and tool box talks to make them more effective have been extremely popular and for some reason experiences a recent resurgence?. Anyway, here are a few more ideas. If you have any others please share them:

  • Allocate the committee a small budget to spend on whatever they want – could be training, health awareness, new PPE, surveys etc
  • Invite a couple of different non members to each meeting so they can see what you do. The committee will no longer be a secret society and they may have valid points to raise. Get them to rate how effective they thought the meeting was.
  • Have a them or a particular topic for each meeting. take it in turns to research the topic and how improvements could be made in your workplace. Examples could be manual handling, electrical safety, test and tag, PPE, UV exposure, noise, ladders, forklifts, smoking, health, eye safety. Have a brain storming session
  • Subscribe to safety newsletters, RSS feeds or check out the Workcover or WHS websites for any new safety alerts and talk about how they relate to your work site.
  • Invite a sales rep from a big safety supplier like Setons, Blackwoods or RSEA to come out and show you the latest safety equipment or PPE.
  • Invite a Safety Inspector or Safety Consultant to come and talk about any changes to safety legislation or recent incidents or claims
  • Pick a recent incident (one that had “Counsel the employee to be more careful” as the action), do a thorough root cause analysis from it to see if more could have been done to prevent it
  • Attend a committee meeting at another workplace to see how they do things. get them to come to your site and do a hazard inspection as a “fresh pair of eyes”.
  • Get every member to bring a workplace health and safety newspaper article to discuss.
  • Update your site safety plan.
  • Invite a Senior Manager from Head Office to talk about the corporate commitment to OHS.
  • Start on time and stick to an agenda.
  • Do a hazard inspection before the meeting and talk about the results.
  • Send out another copy of the last minutes as a reminder and stand a better chance that actions are completed.
  • Organise a penalty system for people who don’t turn up without a really good reason.
  • Hire out a safety video or DVD.
  • Critique the committees performance at the end of the meeting. Work out what you did well, how effective you were and what could be improved next time.

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