Mezzanine Safety Equipment Continues to Set Standards

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Mezzanine Safety Equipment Continues to Set Standards

Recent studies have revealed that 2.2 million people in Great Britain suffer from some kind of health problem or injury sustained in the workplace, a truly shocking figure.

With the average person spending forty hours or more a week at work, our working life has a profound impact on our lives and wellbeing. A lack of due care and attention can lead to any number of potential illnesses or injuries.
Aside from ensuring that employees are completely safe, and therefore avoiding the risk of any costly accident claims, maintaining a safe and healthy work environment improves productivity and performance, reduces absenteeism and increases general morale.

Workplace injuries can vary in severity, depending on the environment, and range from simple slips and trips to broken bones and even life threatening conditions.

For example, a HGV driver recently lost his job after a workplace injury led him to lose the sight in one of his eyes, not only resulting in loss of income for the victim but the loss of an employee and potential financial pay-out for the company. Situations like this are unfortunately commonplace but could be easily be prevented with the necessary safety equipment.

Mezzanine safety gates, for example, have quickly become one of the most popular pieces of health and safety equipment in the workplace. With a simple yet effective design, they are capable of being used for a vast variety of functions. Mezzanine safety barriers are not only about safe storage, however, they are amazingly versatile and effective at reducing a myriad of workplace injuries.

For example, mezzanine floor pallet gates are an important safety requirement and are especially useful in warehouses and factories. Floor pallet gates are an amazingly simple yet effective way of ensuring that whatever is stored inside them is safely secured and will greatly reduce any potential of moving or falling objects.

A large number of workplaces also routinely use gas stored in cylinders, and as such are subject to stringent safety regulations. The potential injury from an accident involving gas is often too grim to think about. Gas cages are an effective way of ensuring that cylinders are kept away from any potential hazards such as naked flames and impact. Capable of being made to any size and specification, they are a must.

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