Cheaper First Aid Training

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Our government announced some time ago that there were serious problems with health and safety in the UK. One of the problems that their many reviews identified is that employers may have been paying more for their first aid training than they needed to.

In order to improve the financial value of this training (not to mention the financial burden on the HSE) the government decided to remove the existing approval system for first aid training courses and providers. Employers will need to apply due diligence in identifying appropriate providers and it seems that the HSE has taken the stance that employers should simply use St John Ambulance or The Red Cross for their first aid training.

These providers have a solid reputation and I am sure that their courses are very good but under the HSE approval system all training providers were required to meet the same high standards of delivery and content.

Prior to these latest changes, which come into effect in April 2013, Lynwood provided the 3 day First Aid at Work course for £162 per person. At the same time St John Ambulance charged £318 per person and The Red Cross charged £312 per person. At this time there is no knowing what the authorities’ (HSE) stance on independent training providers will have on these voluntary organisation’s prices i.e. will the virtual monopoly lead to further inflation of the price?

Although Lynwood complies with all of the current and pending requirements of first aid training providers and of first aid trainers it is felt that the authorities have created a marketplace that is not conducive to the provision of competitively priced training. I cannot help wondering how many other training organisations feel the same way as Lynwood and have, like Lynwood, withdrawn their first aid training provisions.

Before bowing out I would like to offer my personal congratulations to our government and their lapdogs on saving money for employers by providing them with a cost effective solution to their first aid training needs.

Rant over!

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