12 Life Saving Rules by SHELL

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This 12 Life Saving Rules(LSR) had been originated by SHELL totally as below:
  1. Permit To Work.
  2. Conduct gas tests when required.
  3. Verify isolation before work begins and use the specified life protecting equipment. (Lock Out Tag Out)
  4. To obtain authorization before entering confined space.
  5. Do not overriding or disable safety critical equipment
  6. Wear body harness when working at height at more than 1.8m
  7. Do not walk under suspended load
  8. Do not smoke in no smoking areas
  9. No alcohol and drugs even medication while driving or working
  10. Do not use hand phone and speeding over the speed limits
  11. Wear and buckle up your seat belt while driving
  12. Follow prescribed Journey Management Plan

These 12 Saving Rules can be used as a communication tools during toolbox meeting / talk.
These 12 Life Saving Rules  are being briefed to all employees, contractors and sub-contractors who are working at SHELL premises. Once you are being briefed, you need to sign at declaration form as part of agreement that you HAVE to fully comply all these rules. If you failed to do so any of 12 Life Saving Rules, you will be no longer to work in SHELL premises all over the world for ever.
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